Our terms and conditions of use


The website www.bagapart.com (the « Site ») is developed by Inspire Production for the purpose of selling printed bags designed by artists. 
These terms of use (the « Agreement ») are a binding agreement between:

- Inspire Production S.A.R.L. (« Inspire Production »), a company registered at the French Registre du commerce et des sociétés in Bourg en Bresse under the number 432 406 007 whose registered office is located at Parc d’activité, avenue Lavoisier, 01600 Massieux, France,

- anyone accessing this Site for any reason (« You », « Your », « User », « Users »).

The terms and conditions of use contained herein govern the relationship between the two parties.

Your use of and/or registration on any aspect of the Site shall be deemed to be your agreement to abide by each of the terms set forth below.

We reserve the right, at any time, for any reason in our sole discretion, to change the terms of this Agreement.



This section governs the relationship between Inspire Production and the user of the Site who shall buy one or several items on the Site (the « Customer »).


By placing and validating an order online via the « Cart », the customer submits an offer for a specific product to Inspire Production. Where the request is taken into account, Inspire Production sends an acceptance note (« the Receipt ») of the order by electronic message.

Nevertheless, any agreement is considered concluded between the two parties where the payment is validated and accepted by the bank.


Several means of payment are accepted on the Site: Paypal, Credit Card, or Cheque depending on your country of residence.

Credit card will be charged within 7 days maximum.

Payments using Cheques shall be realized within 10 days after the placement of an order. After 10 days, the order shall be canceled. The order shall be validated at the Cheque receipt.

Where payment issues arise, the Customer is liable for all the subsequent costs and delays.


Gift certificates are not additional: only one gift certificate at a time shall be accepted for each order.

Gift certificates shall be only used in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned on the certificate during the order's validation process.

They shall not be partially or totally refundable.

Gift certificate are personal and non-negotiable. The certificate cannot be replaced if there is lost or stolen.

Each terms and conditions of gift certificates (mainly expiration date, minimum purchase amount or any other) are detailed on the document issued to the Customer (e-mail, paper, sticker or any other) or on the Site.

In accordance with the gift certificate terms and conditions, the code shall be mentioned in the specific blank space dedicated to during the placement of the order; where the order has already been validated, Inspire Production shall not cancel the order or refund the Customer of the discounted amount.

Any misappropriation of a gift certificate (specific discount codes related to promotional activities, discounts, limited offers...) shall be void.

Where the order placed is validated and paid by the Customer, the misappropriated gift certificate's code shall be deleted from the order and Inspire Production will charge or demand the amount due.


In pursuance to the French Code de la Consommation article L. 121-20-3, 3°, where a product has been ordered but is no longer available, Inspire Production shall refund the Customer within 30 days by banking transfer.


In accordance with the French Code de la Consommation article L. 121-20-3, the Customer shall allow inspire Production to deliver His/Her placed order within 90 days from the date of acceptance by Inspire Production.

Where the order cannot be realized, for technical issues as an example, Inspire Production is liable for advising the Customer.


The delivery is considered as done at first presentation at the delivery address filled in within the order form.

Where delays can occur in the products' manufacturing process, Inspire Production shall advise its Customer. Where delays exceeds 7 days, the contract may be terminated in accordance with the French Code de la Consommation article L. 114-1. Nevertheless, the Customer is liable for the address information He/She has filled in. It is the Customer's responsibility and liability to provide real, accurate, current and complete personal information. Otherwise, He/She is liable for additional costs.

The Customer is liable for examining the goods at delivery and giving notice of any lack of conformity:

- immediately on the delivery note

- along with a recorded-delivery letter sent within 7 days to Inspire Production.


Title and property in goods shall pass until the Seller, Inspire Production, has received payment in full for all goods.

However, the risk in the goods shall pass from the Seller to the Customer upon delivery of such goods at first presentation of the carrier to the address of the Customer filled in at the placement of the order.


In compliance with the French Code de la Consommation article L. 121-20, order cancellation may come into force within 7 days after the receipt of the goods.

However, in accordance with the French Code de la Consommation article L.121-20-2, 3°, items customized online by the Customers may not be eligible to any claim for order cancellation.

Return policy

Shipping fees are incurring by the Customer.

The item shall be returned as new by post-office service at:

Inspire Production
Parc d’activité
Avenue Lavoisier
01600 Massieux

From the date of the receipt of the item, Inspire Production shall refund the Customer within 30 days maximum.


None intellectual property right license in regards to models, available artists' designs and/or the Site's content shall be granted to any User where the User buys one or several items.


Conformity of the goods

In Accordance with the French Code de la Consommation article L. 111-1, Inspire Production is liable for product information related to the main features of the products and services the company offers, that are available for the User when He/She accesses the Site. Inspire Production shall advise the User where the product cannot be manufactured. Inspire Production undertakes to supply the Customer a product as per order. Please, be aware that all computer monitors will display colors differently. Associated with specific printing techniques, the colors you see on your monitor may not accurately reflect the actual colors of the designs. We reserve the right to determine if the colors in a design are printed accurately.

Where the product does not suit the Customer's needs (for design reason) Inspire Production shall not be liable.

Latent defects

In pursuance to the French Code Civil article 1641 and the Code de la Consommation article R. 211-4, Inspire Production warrants its products and services against latent defects.

Commercial warranty

The commercial warranty matches the legal obligation associated with warranty/legal warranty obligation. Where the second is applicable, the first goes along with.

As a consequence, Inspire Production grants a two-year warranty from the original online purchasing date for bags' repair within shorter delay as possible for the workshop

Where the Customer may benefit from the bag's warranty, He/She shall use His/Her right (it) after requesting an estimate from the workshop, attaching one or several pictures by electronic message. Then, the Customer shall be received an estimate along with a repair agreement.

The Customer shall be liable for the shipping method and shall be charged for the shipping fees.

The repair cost estimate is drawn up with reservations/after the product's receiving and Inspire Production's checking.

Human damage are all excluded. Damage with regards to zip and the sewing together are free of charge: Inspire Production is charged for the bag's shipping back fees.

Other damage (Human damage excluded) shall be charged at the amount mentioned on the cost estimate.

Human damage take into account:

- over loading capacities

- Fire or chemical contacts with the bag

- misappropriate handling or storage, during bagage hold carrying

The customer shall assure the bag has not been used since the incident notification.


Inspire Production cannot be liable and responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by a misappropriate use or inability to use the bag for any other purpos


Inspire Production may modify all catalogs' descriptions and other marketing supports (electronic or not) concerning products' features including colors, price, weight, dimensions, manufacturing or similar properties.

These modifications are applicable as soon as there are published on the Site.



Errors may occur during data transmission. Inspire Production does not make any warranty that the Site or service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free.


In accordance with French law from January 6th 1978, any user registered on the Site is granted an access to His/Her personal information to correct, modify, delete the data. Inspire Production is not entitled to communicate your personal information to any Third Party.


If any term or provision of these Terms and Conditions is held invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any court or competent jurisdiction such provision shall be severed and the remainder of the provisions hereof shall continue in full force and effect.


The Agreement shall be governed by, interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of France.

In the event of any dispute under this Agreement that cannot come to an amicable settlement, the parties shall submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the French Bourg en Bresse Commercial Court, whose Inspire Production is subjected to.

contact@Inspire Production.fr


In the event of any conflict between the French version and any translated version of the Agreement, the French version shall govern.